Week One Update: Learning How To Build An FAQ Page

Hi, My name is Sierra Hays and over the next month, I will be learning what it takes to create an excellent customer success platform. I will be teaching myself how to use three operational tools, Drift, Textexpander, and Wix. In hopes of gaining stronger technical and problem-solving skills.

This week I spent time researching Equifax and their Customer Success Platform. I focused on their FAQ page or should I say lack thereof.

It was easy to understand why site visitors would easily become upset or overwhelmed when trying to find answers to their questions.

Equifax’s FAQ page listed a series of phone numbers as an answer to general questions.

I actually tried calling that number during business hours and repeatedly received an answering machine.

It was clear to me that the first step in building a better Customer Success Platform for Equifax was to create a stronger FAQ page.

I used Google Docs to create a mock FAQ template and then transferred those questions into a Wix template.

Click here to see how I created an FAQ page from scratch!

Week One Conclusion:

FAQ pages are crucial to excellent customer success platforms. They allow consumers to self-service their problems and find solutions. FAQ pages also allow consumers to save time and energy avoiding busy helplines where they listen to an automated recording telling them they are next to be helped.

Google Doc is a great source to mind dump ideas and a perfect place for you to plan out how you want to display information. Google Docs is essentially a “White Board” for your ideas. It is perfect for sharing among co-workers or peers allowing one another to turn on suggestion mode and help edit or add to the documents.

Wix allows you to create your own platform from scratch or by using one of their many templates. Once you get a basic understanding of how to use Wix it is pretty simple. Using Wix you basically erase everything they have inserted and fill the text box with what you want it to display. This is a great tool for taking your ideas to the next level and implementing them.

A Look Ahead

Next week I will be learning how to create a chatbot using Drift. Once I learn how to successfully build and implement a chatbot I will add a chatbot to my Equifax Customer Success Platform.

I will also write a medium blog post demonstrating how to build and implement that chatbot along with a Loom video.

Want to learn more about my month-long project? Click here to see my project landing page!

To view my week two Update on “Building A Better Customer Success Platform” click here.

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