Week Four Update: Creating A Landing Page

Hey, my name is Sierra Hays and over the course of this month, I will be learning how to build a better customer success platform.

During week four I created my landing page. A landing page is a place where you can display the timeline of your project.

I gathered everything I worked on during weeks one through three and began linking each project together.

My goal was to have a landing page that no matter what link you viewed you would be able to navigate back to the main page.

Week Four Conclusion:

Landing pages are crucial when you are building a project. If your project doesn’t have a landing page it becomes difficult for readers to navigate through the different areas of your project.

Essentially you want everything that you have created to be compiled in one location and that’s why landing pages are perfect!

During my month-long project, I used different mediums to display and document my project. By having a landing page the reader does not need to search for different pieces of my project on different platforms but instead easily navigate through my project all on one platform.

To see my final project on my landing page, click here!

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