Resolving Customer Issues Using Zendesk: A Step to Step Tutorial

Zendesk Main Home Page

Using Zendesk to solve a customer request

On Zendesk you can view urgent requests, concerns, or complaints that a customer may have and respond to them in real-time!

Let’s go through the steps to solve a customer request together!

Open your Zendesk Customer tab in the top left-hand corner this will allow you to see all request and customer tickets

When using Zendesk all your customer conversations will be presented the same, front and centered. This makes it easy to navigate through your different requests/tickets and view the customer conversations.

Once you have opened and viewed your customer request you will be able to type your response to the customer.

After you have typed out your response to the customer request you are ready to hit submit!

Once you have submitted your response you will be able to view your entire conversation with the customer from start to finish.

You can also organize these conversations by creating subcategories to store the conversations!

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