Project Outline: Building A Better Customer Success Platform

Project Task: Build out a customer success and support package system for an existing business that is lacking one (FAQ, help center documentation, text expander snippets, chatbot, etc.)

The Company I Have Chosen: Equifax

For my Portfolio Project Piece, I will spend this next month growing my technical skills by improving the customer success of Equifax, a global data, analytics, and technology company.

In 2018 Equifax was voted the most hated business due to the security breach that resulted in thousands of confidential information being sold and distributed. Since then Equifax has improved their security but neglected to touch base on their customer success platforms.

At the end of this month, my goal is to provide a stronger customer support system that will add value to Equifax along with restoring its reputation.

  • TextExpander
  • Drift
  • Wix
  • Google Docs
  • Loom
  • Medium

Week One:

Start and complete project outline, Improve Equifax’s FAQ page by researching customers questions and concerns, create a google doc FAQ page with questions and answers, Implement the Google Doc FAQ page on Wix and create a loom video demonstrating the project outline as well as the finished version of the FAQ page. Start Medium blog Post.

Week Two:

Expand on the FAQ page by adding a chatbot using Drift and Create another loom video with a project update and finished FAQ page, chatbot addition. Add this week’s project to the Medium blog post.

Week Three:

Learn how to use TextExpander and to make responses quicker when using chatbots. Continue working on the Wix site and finalizing the Customer Success Platform Demonstration. Create How to blog on medium demonstrating TextExpander as well as Loom video.

Week Four:

Complete final touches and combine them into one platform demonstration video using loom along with a review blog posted on Medium.

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