Hubspot: Learning How To Turn Problems Into Opportunities

Using HubSpot to Identify Opportunities and Improve Company Growth:

Imagine that you’re a small business owner and it’s nearly the end of the quarter. One glance at the numbers on your sales dashboard and you see your team’s not on target.

We can use HubSpot to solve this issue and hit our quarterly team targets.

First, let’s head over to our Deal Stage Funnel and see the team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Based on our Deal Stage Funnel we can see that the conversion rates look healthy. But our team’s low on activity.

They need some new leads to work on, fast.

To find new leads for the team we are going to head over to our Hubspot contacts.

Even if you have thousands of contacts, HubSpot will find the ones you need instantly.

Go ahead and click on the “Unassigned Contacts” tab.

By viewing the unassigned contacts you are now able to know who isn’t being looked after.

Let’s get someone from your team following up with the first one on the list!

While viewing Alex’s Contact Record you noticed that no one had been assigned to their case. You decide to assign the case to one of your best salespeople, Jules.

Jules will be notified that he has a new lead. But time’s ticking. So you send him a note to make sure he follows up with Alex today.

Jules opens his inbox and emails, Alex, right away

Because HubSpot is connected to his inbox, the email is recorded on Alex’s contact record too.

A quick glance at the activity timeline tells you things are going well. Alex and Jules have already scheduled a meeting.

With a meeting on the calendar, Alex is a step closer to becoming a customer. So it’s the right time to create a deal.

Click ‘+ Add’ to create a deal

You fill in the details of Alex’s deal, including what stage it’s at, and the amount you expect it to be.

Alex’s deal is here. As it moves towards closing, it’s fast and easy to update its progress on the deals dashboard.

You can track the progress of every deal that your team’s working on here. And it’s customizable, so you can set up the stages to match your sales process.

Another look at the numbers and things are looking better already!

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