How I Created A Customer Success Platform In Thirty Days

Weekly Updates

Here’s What I learned This Month!

Over the last three weeks, I have documented my journey by creating how-to and informational blog posts along with loom videos demonstrating step by step what I have learned from each operational tool.

An Overview Of My Month

This month proved to be extremely challenging both in my professional and personal life. But with all challenges good or bad I welcome them with open arms as they are an opportunity to grow and learn.

Week One:

I spent my time during week one learning what it means to have excellent customer success and how you can replicate that in your own business.

Week Two:

If I am being completely transparent I was a little nervous to use Drift. I had worked with it previously in the past but found it really challenging and overwhelming. I wanted to take another swing at it and I’m so happy I did!

Week Three:

Out of the three operational tools, I learned this month I have to say TextExpander was my favorite!

Week Four:

As I approached the end of my month-long project I wanted to spend time reflecting on everything I learned.

The End Results

Loom video showcasing my mock customer success platform on Wix.

Click here to view my mock customer success platform on Wix.

Any Regrets?

Looking back over the last month I wish I would have taken time to learn an operational tool like Airtable or Zapier. While I loved using Google Docs and Notion to manage my tasks I would have loved to have included another task management software in my project.

Was My Project Successful?

I am happy to say that I wholeheartedly believe that my project was a success. My goal was to learn three operational tools that would help me build a better customer success platform for Equifax.

  • Became more comfortable with writing
  • I challenged myself to think more creatively

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