Creating Your Own Opportunities: Why I'm The Ideal Candidate

Two years ago I took a huge risk and left college. I left a world filled with perfect problems that had perfect solutions and embarked on a journey that I hoped would shape me into the person I wanted to be, a master problem solver.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” -Robert Frost

When I was in middle school I had this art teacher who would begin every class by reading “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost. She would stand in the middle of the classroom on one of those metal folding chairs and explain that oftentimes we miss what life is really about, creating our own opportunities.

She taught us that we have all the tools to have a successful and rich life but it is up to us to take the road not taken and find untouched dreams, beliefs, and ideas.

This one teacher shaped my entire way of thinking, I often think about how at one point a man looked at a tree and said “I bet I could use this to build myself a form of shelter” and the concept of a house was born.

There is great potential for improvement in everything. I want to turn problems into opportunities for your company.

Over the past two years, I’ve learned what it means to truly grow as an individual. I have stretched myself further, gaining more knowledge and skills than I thought were possible.

  1. You are the only thing standing between yourself and what you want.
  2. Personal growth is not a sprint. Being one percent better than yesterday is the goal.
  3. The first step in bridging the communication gap is to better understand the other perspective.
  4. “Persist, pivot, or concede. It’s up to us, our choice every time.”― Matthew McConaughey
  1. Outlook and Google Calendar
  2. PowerPoint, Excel, Microsoft Word
  3. Excellent communication skills, written and oral
  4. CRMs ( Salesforce)
  5. Saas ( Google Apps, Mailchimp, Slack, )
  6. Loom Video

Why I am an Ideal Candidate:

No matter how long I’ve been doing something or working for a company I always find ways to grow, improve and gain more knowledge. In 2018 I landed a job as an entry-level bank teller and within seven months I was promoted to Branch Services Representative and training new hires.

December 2018 -January 2021 worked in retail banking at Carter Bank and Trust

When no one was happy with our outdated appointment log system at Carter Bank and Trust I voluntarily learned how to use Outlook calendar and created a step to step tutorial on how to use outlook calendar to book appointments and stay on track with busy coworkers. This resulted in a better internal network communication system as well as a more efficient and organized way of tracking appointments.

Thinking outside of the box to solve problems is my specialty. When our branch hours changed many staff members were unable to attend our weekly meetings and became frustrated because they felt left out and were not being kept up to date on the new bank information. I created a digital bulletin board using Google Documents and shared it with staff members so we could all update it when there were changes and no one would miss any new information.

Each quarter the bank would be given a product to entice customers to open a checking account. Many branches displayed the products on a desk or in the window, however, I challenged myself with new and creative ways to display the products and get the customer's attention. By doing this I was able to spark more conversations with customers about our new products and as a result, we not only hit our monthly goals but surpassed them.

Quarter Product Displays

My love language is acts of service, so, I am always looking for ways to go the extra mile for friends, family, coworkers, customers, and strangers. I perform better knowing that I have exceeded the needs of others. Whether it is as simple as opening the door for someone or asking a coworker if there is something I can help them with.

Was Treasure for Regent University’s Chapter of International Justice Mission (IJM) 2016–2018

Life isn’t an airplane with oxygen masks falling down on us. I’d rather help two other passengers before I help myself because that leads to a better overall score. The realities of working on a team are the same: you help other people, they do their best work, you focus on what you need for yourself after that, and then you get situated — everybody wins. As more people work like that, teams get better.

During my freshman and sophomore year at Regent University, I worked on an administration team for Campus Ministries 2016–2018

Think we would be a good fit and both benefit from me joining your team? Let’s get connected and talk about it!



Building the bridge to close the communication gap. Jesus Lover. Team Enthusiast. Master Problem Solver.

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